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Shout This From A Mountaintop: I Believe In Myself


Today I learned a secret. It’s the very best secret—one of the best secrets ever. Maybe the very best. Maybe of ever.

Actually, I’ve decided that, yes, it is definitely the best secret ever. My secret. THE BEST.

I want to blurt it out to the entire Universe, stand on a mountaintop, skip it out across every ocean. But I can’t. I can’t because I’m a very good secret keeper. If you say It’s a secret, I promise I won’t tell—it’s not mine, it’s your secret to tell. I am simply the keeper. But this one is mine. Mine! Solely mine. And, I’ve been told I can’t tell it, yet. And, it’s killing me. But I won’t tell. I can’t.

But, there’s a message. And that message? I will shout that damn message out to the Universe and beyond. Extra-galactically.

BELIEVE. That’s the message. B-E-L-I-E-V-E

Always, with your whole heart and soul, believe. Be unwavering in your belief in YOU. Invictus. Unconquerable. Don’t let anyone, anywhere, especially that nasty voice that lives in your head, or that heathen of a troll who sits on your shoulder and whispers nasty, negative stuff in your ear, shatter your belief that you—YOU—can do it, that you can do anything you set your fantastic and lovely, dreamy mind to.

Life is short. It’s a dash. This: – . That is your life. It’s simply the minuscule moment between the date of your birth and the date of your certain death.

There’s no dress rehearsal, no time to write the outline, the meticulous plan. Life is now. Today.

Your. Life. Is. Today.

Don’t follow the flock and do all the shoulds and what all the other cool, or important, or together, or judgy, or uncool people are doing. Do you. YOU. Do your wants and your needs. Dream. Don’t hope—sitting around waiting for something fantastic to happen is a waste of a dash. All the waiting is a waste of your valuable time.

Don’t wait. Don’t mull over. Don’t strain to hear a knock at your door. Just don’t.

Actually, throw don’t away. Use don’t as a ball in your fist to knock that heathen of a troll who sits on your shoulder off of it. Two birds, one stone. Gone.

Follow your dreams. Make mistakes. Pick yourself up. Do it again. Over and over and over. Keep moving. Never look back for reasons to stop. Just DO IT. Start today.

Remember Henry Ford’s words of timeless wisdom: Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. Know you can. Ass-kick can’t right out of your internal dialogue. Poof. Gone. The negative of CAN no longer exists. CAN and WILL are what YOU roll with now.

You are beautiful and smart and kind and important, you deserve this. You BELIEVE you can, therefore you WILL.

So what if people think you’re crazy, irresponsible, that you’ve lost all of your tiny little mind? It’s your dash. Be the dash. OWN IT.

There’s a million excuses not to do something, just as there are a million reasons why you shouldn’t live your passion, follow your dreams. We can excuse and shouldn’t away anything, everything. Play it safe. Exist. Get by.

What if I fall?” Erin Hansen, wrote. Then, “Oh, but, my darling, what if you fly?”

What if you fly? What if? Perhaps you, too, will have a secret, and see the world and its endless possibilities in an entirely new and beautiful, wide-open, dream-like, brand-new way.

Here’s another secret: If you bust out and believe today—right now, this very day—you’ll skip the what ifs and a big, potentially wasted, part of your tiny dash. You’ll simply take flight. Take flight. You will. You’re about to do it. Right now, today.

You’re off! And, alas, darling, you’re about to fly!

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