Random Thoughts…and otherwise


Hey there! I’m Linda Glover and I’m so happy you stopped by: Welcome to my place in the Blogosphere/Internet/whatever-it-is-this-should-be-called.

The synopsis is—I’m a writer with a passion for writing essays. The extended version is, I’m many thing—an idealist, an optimist, a dreamer, a misfit, a lover of laughter, a humanitarian, a proud momma, an entranced grandma (yikes!), a partner, a thinker, an introvert, a yada, yada, yada, as well as a panicked mess of wanderlust whose midway through this crazy journey we call life.

I am extremely honoured to have been named to the longlist of the 2017 CBC Non-Fiction Prize.

I’m currently at work on a collection of essays (maybe a memoir?) based on loss, grief and the lessons I’ve learned along the way, some painful and soul-crushing, other uplifting, inspiring and really quite funny.

In the meantime, to save my sanity, I’ll post other musings here—random essays seeded by random thoughts, that are the lovely noise of my crazy-busy mind. If nothing else, I hope they evoke a little thought.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a few minutes from your ever-busy life to read what I write. I hope you enjoy, learn something, feel something. I hope my thought evokes your thought: After all, that’s what writing and reading are meant to do.